Practical help for mothers who are pregnant (The Babes Project) | Current statistics for Medicare Item 35643 |

Domestic Violence

Statement about Domestic Violence (Presbyterian Church of Victoria) | Horsham Police Station | Emergency housing |


Christians should be good stewards of the Environment (Lutheran Resource) |


Suicide Prevention: Lifeline and Beyond Blue |‘The dangers of euthanasia-on-demand’ (11 Nov 2017 Chicago Tribune) | Rise in demand for euthanasia’ (9 Nov 2017 The Guardian) |


Christian views on gender (Gospel Coalition Australia) | How the Australian government defines gender | Problematic aspects of the Victorian guide for schools and transgenderism |


Elephant Room Facebook page (Freedom from pornography group) | (Anglican Diocese of Sydney) |


Statement about Refugees (Presbyterian Church of Victoria) |

Religious Freedom

Freedom for Faith | The Law and Religion Blog (Australian Christian lawyer Neil Foster) |

Same-Sex Marriage

Current Legislation before the Federal Parliament (Nov 2017) | A survey of how each Federal politician will vote on the proposed legislation (ABC) |

Sex education in Victoria

Some of the controversial parts of the Sex Education Australia curriculum | Some of the controversial aspects of the Victorian Safe Schools program |

Treatment of Animals


Emailing or leaving a message with your local political representative

Tips for emailing your local politician

Writing a letter to the Newspaper

Tips for writing a letter to the Newspaper

Join or Support a Group


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