Vision: what do we want to look like?

A healthy church that is loving Jesus and loving people.

(Matthew 28:19, Mark 12:30 & John 13:35)

What does “healthy” mean?

  • Making disciples
  • Evangelising the Wimmera
  • Praying
  • Welcoming people
  • A place for Training leaders
  • A reputation for good signing
  • Practical heartfelt preaching
  • Financially self-sufficient
  • A place of thinking about and speaking carefully about God
  • Helping our Presbyterian sister churches
  • Pastoral Care for everyone
  • Supporting other missionaries
  • Meeting inside a beautiful building
  • Permanent Presbyterian presence in the Wimmera
  • Good governance
  • Youth and Children
  • Strong local connections
  • Incubator of Kingdom growth
  • Safe Church compliant
  • Valuing our local heritage